What are The Crews❓

We are thrilled to introduce The Crews, our pioneering venture into the realm of community-driven sub-DAO ecosystems, spread across 4 blockchains. Comprising a total of 16 Crews (DAOs), each blockchain will host 4 Crews, with 444 members in each Crew, except for the M&M Crew, which will have 300 members. This amounts to a grand total of 6960 Crew members/ NFTs.

Envision a network of vibrant communities, businesses, investment funds dispersed across four thriving cities, each represented by a different blockchain. Each city is governed by four distinct Crews, and all Crew members collaborate to enhance their Crew's status and collectively decide their path ahead. Think of each Crew starting on an equal footing, bestowed with the same funding and opportunities to flourish. However, the trajectory of success is determined by the efforts of the Crew members themselves. The question is, will you steer your Crew towards a path of righteousness and riches?

Why embark on this journey?

We truly believe that our approach will not only nurture a unique social experience but will also pave the way for individuals who are full of ideas but lack the resources or connections to make them a reality. In The Crews, members have the platform to propose their innovative ideas to their respective Crews. If an idea is greenlit, it has the potential to be realized with the backing of DAO funding and our network of service partners. These ideas could be anything from investing, building a business, IRL events and so much more.

In addition to fostering a collaborative and empowering environment, our collection stands out for its integration of gamification elements, strategic dimensions and lore. It elevates the experience from merely owning an NFT to actively participating in a dynamic, evolving narrative. As a Crew member, you are not simply a passive holder of an NFT but an active player in shaping the course of your Crew and the broader ecosystem.

You have the opportunity to boost your Crew's standing, engage in strategic decision-making, and influence the direction of the wider ecosystem. This blend of play and strategy not only makes the experience more engaging and enjoyable but also deepens the value and growth potential of the NFTs.

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